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Dogs and science

Did you know Edgard & Cooper teams up with the university?

The ingredients we use to cook up the most delicious recipes in the world? All selected by us! We continually stick our nose into the production process as well. And our two rascals know what they like, that’s for sure!

But only the whizz kids at University Ghent know how to combine all those ingredients into well-balanced wholesome dog food. And that’s why we love working together with these guys. To make sure our food is always super for your dog. Awesome!

Dive into our production process

Dogs and science step 1 Step 1

Extraordinary super suppliers

We’re picky. Especially when selecting farmers to collaborate with. We prefer local professionals with a good rosy complexion and good sense. Professionals we know really well. Being the little investigators we are, we regularly examine what these guys are doing. And thanks to our super smart tracking technology, we can test every batch of dog food that is produced. On top of that, we can trace everything in it, all the way to its origin. Awesome, right?!

Dogs and science step 2 Step 2

Awesome super ingredients

It’s really simple: we only use pure ingredients, straight from nature. Ingredients you can still recognize. And those ingredients love telling you why they’re oh so delicious and healthy for your dog. No technological hocus-pocus in our dog food… Nope! No nonsense, just goodies! ;)

Dogs and science step 3 Step 3

Research and development

A well-balanced recipe? For Edgard & Cooper that’s one with freshly prepared meat, healthy carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and herbs. Yummy! Analytical constituents - like protein, fat and ash – are built with natural ingredients. And it’s always in accordance with the stringent guidelines of the FEDIAF. The who? The European Pet Food Industry Federation. Those are some stern guys!

Dogs and science step 4 Step 4

Test test…

Is everything set up and adjusted to the max? Then delicious and wholesome kibble comes right from the oven and Edgard & Cooper start wagging their tails. First, there’s a stopover at the lab to check everything and yep… there are our rascals to give it a try. Empty bowls? We’re on the right track!

Dogs and science step 5 Step 5

Dogs and science

The experts of Ghent University are super smart! And they can prove it with degrees and stuff. So they’re really cut out for casting a critical eye over our recipes. Everything well-balanced? These masterminds will tell us.

Dogs and science step 6 Step 6

To the store

Do the owners, nutritionists and geniuses from the university give the green light? Then the recipe is ready to be shared with all our furry friends. The delicious kibble comes right from the oven and goes straight into a bag. Ready to be shipped off to all our fans around the globe. Enjoy your meal!

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