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Our adventure

Find out how Edgard & Cooper’s wholesome dog food ended up in your dog’s bowl. It’s a delicious story and we’re happy to share it with you. Click and enjoy!

The early beginning

Louis and Koen were university classmates. They spent their days studying, hanging out at the local pubs and checking out girls.

The real beginning

10 years later Louis and Koen each had a wife, a daughter and a nutty dog. Studying was history, but they still hung out at local pubs. Discussing their jobs, their families and their dogs: Edgard and Cooper.

Louis told Koen he never found healthy goodies for Cooper. And Koen told Louis that regular dog food made Edgard really sick. Edgard can never get better, that’s how bad it is. :(

So they just had to dig into this!

The dog food explorers

Louis and Koen started exploring the world of dog food. And they didn’t like what they discovered: horrible meat meals, artificial flavours, genetically modified nonsense … Yikes!

No way they would continue to give this nasty stuff to their dogs. They were going to make their own dog food. No nonsense. Just goodies.

Edgard & Cooper was born! *

*The brand, that is. The dogs were born 4 years earlier. Louis, Koen and their families have many chewed shoes to prove this. ;)

The start of something fresh

With the help of some really smart guys from Ghent University, Louis and Koen cooked up healthy recipes. All made with real ingredients and all fresh as a daisy. Yummy!

Edgard and Cooper were on cloud nine and wanted to share these delicious bites with all their friends. But Louis and Koen couldn’t keep up. Not enough cooking pots. Not enough time.

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The journey around the world

So Louis and Koen hopped on a plane and travelled the world to find a kitchen big enough to cook for Edgard, Cooper and their furry friends.

They found an awesome little factory in the middle of nature. And that’s how Edgard & Cooper’s delicious dog food ended up in your dog’s bowl.


Everybody happy? Edgard, Cooper and their slaves, er… bosses sure are. ;) But not all dogs are that lucky. That’s why Louis and Koen decided they would always give 10% of their profits to dog charity.

The sky is the limit

Edgard & Cooper wants to be king of the world so that all dogs can enjoy these delicious bites. And this is where Jurgen comes in… An old classmate and a gift sent from above – arriving in an airplane straight from New York City, that is. ;)

In the Big Apple Jurgen was building a successful sales career in healthcare. Until he heard about Edgard & Cooper and its awesome values: Fresh, Honest & Charitable. ‘Sold!’, he said and he teamed up with the magnificent Edgard & Cooper crew. Hurray!

Stay tuned to see how their awesome story continues.

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