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Why you're our hero.

Every time you choose tasty and delicious Edgard & Cooper it doesn't just make you happy, but all of the dogs at the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka as well.

What does it mean to be a hero? Watch the amazing story of Tudor, the bringer of world peace, right here.
Sri Lanka
The dogs of Sri Lanka

Ah, Sri Lanka: the perfect holiday destination! Sun, sea, beaches, palm trees, over 40 million stray dogs... Not exactly what you were expecting there, huh? Well, neither did we. To our big surprise, this beautiful country doesn't really have a 'pet culture'. The people are too poor to feed their pets, let alone spay or neuter them. Once these owners have had enough, they dump their pet on the side of the road.

Once there those dogs... Well, they do what dogs do. And before you know it there's a massive amount of dogs on the streets who are starving to death, with only organizations like the Dog Care Clinic to help them.

Jurgen, Louis & Koen
A Special Clinic

Edgard & Cooper are lucky mutts. They have warm and loving homes, where they get tasty, healthy food on the daily. A lot of other dogs aren't so lucky. Because we believe in doing business with a heart, we gladly donate 10% of our profits to charity.

We chose Marina Möbus' Dog Care Clinic because she provides a second life for the dogs in Sri Lanka. In the clinic there are no less than 35 helpers who take care of the strays, and help them to find their forever home filled with love. We're incredibly happy that Edgard & Cooper can lend a paw and help Marina with her life's work.

Sri Lanka

Woof! I'm Modo, the special dog at the Dog Care Clinic with Down Syndrome. Isn't it crazy that even dogs have this condition? I'm the only one that can roam the house freely, without getting into fights with any of the other dogs. (Personally, I think this is all because of my good looks and charm.)

Marina Mobius

Our hero! She's the one who started this amazing initiative. A hospital where dogs feel at home, are taken care of, fed healthy homemade meals... And once they're back to feeling pawesome again, they are given a loving family. Even there Marina and her team pop in regularly to see if they are well cared for.

The clinic

Each and every day the doctors spay and neuter over 20 dogs. The cost of these procedures is entirely paid for by them, because most owners simply can't afford it. This makes our contribution and this project even more important.

Woof! Tjemil speaking. I'm one of the lucky bastards they found during the temple tour. A few pounds (and more food than I ever thought possible) later I'm back in tip top shape. I'm a permanent resident at the clinic because of a rare blood condition. However, I'm not complaining!

Tuk Tuk

Every day, the volunteers and doctors of the Dog Care Clinic do a tour with the tuktuk to feed the strays some healthy, tasty food. The dogs know exactly when and where the Tuk Tuk will arrive -we know we would too-, and they are always waiting impatiently. When the volunteers find sick or injured dogs, they capture them and give them the care they need.

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