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How matters

A little bird told us that organic food is deliciously tasty. Organic food is good for our health, nature and the animals. We just had to hear the whole story!

Pure taste

At an organic farm, animals can roam free and are fed organic feed only. Organic vegetables come from full, fertile soil. Chemical fertilizer and pesticides are out of the question. That’s why organic products are pure and full of flavour. Yummy!

Good for your body

Organic farmers give their animals nutritious organic feed and take preventive measures to keep their animals healthy. That means fewer antibiotics and other medicine, which guarantees meat that’s free of harmful substances. That’s swell news for your little furry friend’s health!

Pure farmland

Thanks to the absence of artificial fertilizer, pesticides and GMO’s, organic farmlands are pure and attract more plants, butterflies and birds. Trees and hedges are planted around the fields and puddles and ponds are made. They attract useful insects and other animals, e.g. ladybugs who eat a lot of aphids.

Animal friendly

Organic animals are taken good care of. They eat nutritious, organic feed and they are given the time to grow in a spacious, sunlit stable. They can also go outside, so pigs can burrow in the mud and chickens can peck for worms in the grass. Yay!

Why organic visual
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